Discover my 10 simple tools for achieving unimaginable levels of joy and happiness.


Learn the fundamentals of human behavior to run your brain the right way, from the man who went from utter misery and burnout to happy and fulfilled, NO MATTER WHAT!

Learn the quickest & easiest ways to access your inner calm and perform at your absolute best, from an insider on both sides of the table for Corporate America's biggest companies.

Learn the truth about fear and how to use it to drive you, from a man who left the safety and security of a high-paying career to follow his passion and fulfill his mission.

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Devan is a personal development coach, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He teaches ambitious leaders how to intentionally create a mission-driven life that allows them to feel unimaginable joy and fulfillment while consciously designing their life to provide the depth of connection, purpose, and meaning they so deeply desire.


Using the principles he teaches, Devan went from being an international businessman with burnout, enduring a nervous breakdown, to a happy, fulfilled person running his own business.


Devan is also the writer and creator of several high-impact books and courses such as How To Escape From Prison, Secrets of the Emotional Ninja, Powerful By Design, and Living Without Limits.


His high-energy, from the heart, "cut-the-crap" style keeps his audiences engaged. He teaches using high involvement techniques and accelerated learning technologies to learn faster, remember more, and achieve maximum results.


Devan started coaching to share what he had learned and accelerate his own personal development. Somewhere along the way, he found himself fulfilled like never before. That's why he founded and created a coaching and training organization on a mission to equip everyone with the knowledge and practices needed to thrive.

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