Discover my 10 simple tools for achieving unimaginable levels of joy and happiness.

See Devan LIVE!

Devan brings the best of everything he's come to know LIVE!

Books, courses, calls... These are incredible ways to learn. BUT there's nothing like immersion! Placing yourself directly in the learning environment, seeing Devan teach live, and engaging with other high-energy participants, takes your personal development to the next level.

This POWERFUL Half Day Virtual Event Will Propel You Forward

Feeling a little misguided?


Suffering from a lack of motivation?


Wish you knew what step to take next?


It's ok, there's nothing wrong!


You've merely lost sight of the vision for your life.


In this POWERFUL half day virtual event, we bring you back to Clarity, Direction, and Focus.


Challenges in your life, all of them, have been preparation for your greatness. Life has been intelligently designing you over time. It’s time for you to start understanding the manual.


At the end of your life, you’ll remember how you showed up, what you did, what you said, and whether you became all that you knew you could. Never forget that you are truly...


Powerful By Design.

This EPIC 2-Day Weekend Retreat Will Change Your Life Forever

No matter what is going on around you, there are only TWO states of being:


A Spirited State

A Survival state


It's from a SPIRITED state that we show up as the best possible version of ourselves... It's from a SPIRITED state that we take the necessary action to create the life we really want... It's from a SPIRITED state that we are a shining example of what's possible...


Integrating psychological, scientific and spiritual principles into a powerful framework for attaining the highest levels of intelligence, energy, creativity, inspiration, and growth in all areas of your life, this transformational weekend reprograms your thinking and rewires your brain to live from a SPIRITED STATE. That's when you are truly...


Living Without Limits.

This Workshop Gives You Tools To Be At Your Best and Truly LEAD

In the modern corporate world that thrives on performance and strives for perfection, we are more overloaded and stressed than ever before.


Understanding what drives people is HUGE when it comes to leadership and communicating with impact.


This session raises the bar; inspiring people to think differently through easy-to-understand concepts, inspiring personal stories, empowering examples, and straight talk.


I'll teach you:


 - The secret to why we do what we do

 - What motivates us to take action

 - To access the best version of you

 - Tools and practices to perform at the top of your game — consistently.


This will equip you to truly...


Lead With Positivity & Power

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